Béatrice Boulu-Reshef


In the Fall, I will be joining the Sorbonne as an Assistant Professor of Economics. My research and teaching fall primarily within the area of behavioral, experimental and organizational economics, and my work is relevant to management, strategy and behavioral operations. 

My research revolves around the theme of decision-making in organizational settings. The theoretical underpinnings of my research are game theory and economics and psychology, while empirically, I have used and use both framed-field experiments and laboratory experiments. In particular, I study cooperation, where I focus on how heterogeneous individuals cooperate in organizational and in inter-firm settings and resource allocation decision-making in organizational settings, where I focus on managerial and entrepreneurial decision-making in environments in which financial resources are particularly scarce, like entrepreneurial firms or firms with limited capacity.

Temporary email: beatrice dot boulu at gmail dot com
French Cell: +33 (6) 89 84 77 70 
US Cell: +1 (917) 362-9599 
Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne 
UMR 8174 du CNRS - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne 
Maison des Sciences Economiques
106-112 Boulevard de l'Hôpital
75647 Paris cedex 13 - France

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