BĂ©atrice Boulu-Reshef


I am a Behavioral Research Associate in the Department of Economics and the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia. My research and teaching fall primarily within the area of behavioral, experimental and organizational economics, and my work is relevant to management, strategy and behavioral operations. 

My research revolves around the theme of decision-making in organizational settings. The theoretical underpinnings of my research are game theory and economics and psychology, while empirically, I have used and use both framed-field experiments and laboratory experiments. In particular, I study cooperation, where I focus on how heterogeneous individuals cooperate in organizational and in inter-firm settings and resource allocation decision-making in organizational settings, where I focus on managerial and entrepreneurial decision-making in environments in which financial resources are particularly scarce, like entrepreneurial firms or firms with limited capacity.

I am on the job market. More information is available in my CV, in my Research Statement page, in my Papers page and in my Teaching page. The list of my References is also available. 

Job Market Paper: "Organization Style, Leadership Strategy and Free-Riding", with Charles A. Holt and Melissa Thomas-Hunt 

Email: boulu-reshefb@virginia.edu
Cell: 917-362-9599
Fax: 434-924-7659

University of Virginia Department of Economics
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